Getting Started

For ease and simplicity, all configurations are done through the Dashboard.

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Dashboard Access

In order to gain access to the dashboard, any authorized user must have a role with either Admin or Manage Server. This does not apply to the owner of the server.

Bot Minimum Required Permissions

Prior to setting up the bot in your server, it is imperative that you have given the bot proper server permissions. These permissions are as follows:

For a streamlined setup, granting Administrator is the recommended option.

Role Hierarchy

In order for the bot to administer the @verified and/or @unverified role(s), the bots highest role must be above these roles. It is recommended to place the bots role nearest the top.

Please make sure the Double Counter bot permission role is above the verified & unverified role(s) in the role list.

Configuring Channel Permissions

Depending on your server's configuration, there are two different cases.

  • You already use a bot that assigns a role from a reaction click. For example, a #rules channel with a reaction role to access the server: case 1.

  • You don't use such system, members can directly access your server upon joining it: case 2.

  1. Remove the read_messages permission to the @everyone default role on the reaction-role channel and add that permission to the verified role set up above.

  2. Set up the @everyone role (no actual role) so it can only see your welcome channel set up above.

It is always recommended that you provide guidance to your users on exactly how the verification process will work.

Things to Keep in Mind...

  • Double Counter is not retroactive. This means members already in your server at the time you add the bot are not recorded in our database and will not be blocked when using an alt account. The bot will prevent future members from using a VPN or an alt.

  • Please double check your configuration. If a user can bypass the Double Counter verified role (consequently the verification link) to access the server, the protection becomes useless. Please ensure any newcomer must click the link to access your channels.

Curious about how the bot works and want to test it out?

We understand that people are curious and want to see how the bot works. It's human nature. However, because the bots database cannot be modified or edited, if you accidentally verify an alt account first, that will become your main account from the bots perspective. It is imperative that you exercise caution when "testing" with an alt account.

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