Double Counter Lens allows server staff to generate a detailed two-page report about a user's behavior across the entire network of Double Counter's hundreds of thousands of servers.

We are dedicated to consistently and continuously improving Lens. This feature will be regularly updated. Please note that with the updates, not all information below will be up to date, or may not include all aspects of Lens. For all updated information regarding Lens, please visit here.

What does Lens check?

  • If the user was ever kicked or banned in any other server that uses Double Counter

  • How many of their messages were removed by a moderator and blocked by Discord's auto-mod on all other Double Counter servers (only considers base Discord auto-mod rules, i.e. harmful links, spam, etc., not custom keyword rules)

  • A comprehensive and global behavior score

  • All their alt account and VPN intrusion attempts on all servers using Double Counter

  • How many servers the user breached rules in

How to opt-in/opt-out

There are two levels of opting options.

  1. Server Level. Opting-out will prevent any actions against a user within the server from having their Lens data collected. This will only apply to the criteria listed above.

    • To edit your servers Lens setting, simply go to the Double Counter Dashboard, locate Lens, and toggle the selector switch to the desired position.

  2. User Level. Opting-out will prevent a portfolio, from any server using Double Counter, from being generated about you.

    • To change Opt-in/out settings, in any server simply use the /privacy command and select the button labeled Opt-in/out of Lens. Upon making a choice, you will receive a confirmation response from the bot.

User Level Notice: Some servers restrict access to slash commands to specific channels (commands channels, tickets, etc.). If you are having difficulty in any server, please visit the Official Double Counter Community and open a General ticket. From there you will be able to access the /privacy command and make your choice.

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