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Configuration continued.

Log Successful Verifications

This feature is enabled by default, despite the original description statement.

Integrations - InviteLogger

Notify to open DMs

If a user joins your server, but does not have their DMs enabled for everyone, the bot cannot send them their verification request. This feature will notify them via your channel for verifying users. The notification is temporary and will self-delete after a few seconds (providing the bot has manage_messages permissions). This works exclusively with Automated Mode.

Only block VPNs

This feature will disable the Alt Detection protection for your server, and only block users from verifying on a VPN.

Staff Role

The Staff role will grant manual verifications and initiate verifications to members of your staff/support team without granting them accessibility to the dashboard. It is recommended this only be utilized in special cases, and only one role is advised.

Ping role

The Ping role will send a notification to your Logs channel, using a direct role mention. This feature will only ping for Alt Detections. It is strongly recommended to only utilize one role, as multiple roles may break the function.

Unverified role

In order for the Unverified role to be properly removed when a user successfully passes verification, the bot MUST be in Interactive Mode & they MUST use the button panel.

In order for this feature to work, it is strongly recommended that no other roles are applied to newly joining members. This is only available when the bot is in Interactive mode.

It is not recommended using @everyone as the unverified role, as this will break the verification process. The role cannot be removed, causing all users to essentially remain unverified.

Minimum account age

Users that successfully pass the verification process, but their account is not old enough, will be placed in limbo until their account reaches the desired age. Users that successfully pass verification will not be hindered if the Auto Kick feature has been enabled.

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