Common troubleshooting

For server owners, admins, and moderators

Some of my members have the success message on the webpage but don't get the verified role, why?

This is probably because their verification link has expired. The default timeout is two minutes. The web portal will display success, but the Discord side of the bot has stopped listening to the web-side for this user. They just have to leave and rejoin, run /verify again, or use the panel button to get instantly verified without clicking the link.

An account of a staff member (or a normal member) was wrongfully detected as the main for an alt.

It probably means the staff member shared their verification link as an example to someone who needed help. Verifications links are private and should never be shared with anybody. They are unique to each other and opening them in any browser will link it to this account. This is done locally, and we cannot roll this mistake back. Make sure you only click your own verification links and never share them with anybody.

Users are receiving the error "Max verification attempts", what does it mean and what can be done about it?

There are four possible reasons for users to encounter this error:

  1. When users are identified as alt accounts and repeatedly make unsuccessful verification attempts, they are locked as a precautionary measure against spam. If a user falls into this category, they will remain locked as the system prioritizes alternate account detection.

  2. If a user is using a VPN or proxy and makes excessive verification attempts, they may be locked to prevent spam. This lock is similar to the one described in the first reason.

  3. Users may be locked if they repeatedly fail to complete the verification process within the allocated time. By default, users have a two-minute window to complete verification.

  4. Attempting verification without having the necessary appearance settings enabled on the account can result in a lock. To view embedded messages, users must have "Embeds & Link Previews" enabled.

Unlocking locked accounts is a global task performed by our staff team. We monitor the overall number of locked accounts and regularly unlock them throughout the day. There is no fixed schedule for unlocking, as it depends on the current volume of locked accounts at any given time.

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